Ask Yourself/Ask Americans

What do you think “the good life” is? Roper ASW has been polling Americans for more than thirty years to see what they think the good life is. Americans are asked to choose from a list such as the one below.

Подпись: 1. image101 image102

Read the list and predict Americans’ top three choices.

Show several Americans the list and ask them these questions. Write down the answers.

1. Which of these are part of the good life for you?

2. How many of these things do you have now?


Подпись: The good life in Discovery Bay, California

How good are your chances of achieving the good life—very good, fairly good, or not good at all?

What is the Good Life?

70 percent believe they have a very good or fairly good chance of achieving the good life, and 62 percent say they already have it.

a home you own

Подпись: 89%

image105 image106 Подпись: 59% image108


Look at the results of a 2003 poll, above.

What percentage of Americans think the good life means having a happy marriage? What percentage think a vacation home is part of having the good life?

Now conduct a poll in your class. Ask the same questions from before (see page 109). Chart the answers. Compare the results with this poll and with the answers of the Americans you interviewed.

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