Understand Details

Write T if the statement is true and F it is false according to the information in the chapter.

____ 1. Although there is cultural pluralism in the United States, there is no

religious pluralism.

____ 2. The Protestant denominations (such as Methodist, Baptist, and

Presbyterian) are all part of the Roman Catholic church.

____ 3. No single church has become the center of religious life in the United

States because the emphasis is on the individual, not a particular church.

____ 4. Most of the settlers who came to colonial America to escape religious

persecution in Europe were Catholics.

____ 5. The Constitution of the United States separates church and state and

forbids the government from ever establishing a national church.

____ 6. Protestantism encourages a strong desire for self-improvement.

____ 7. Some American Protestant leaders have said that people who are rich

have been blessed by God.

____ 8. The Protestant work ethic is the belief that people should share their

time and their wealth to help others.

____ 9. A majority of Americans now consider themselves part of the religious,

politically conservative movement.

____ 10. The national religion of the United States is a mixture of religion and


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