A. Choose one of the following writing topics. Then write a short composition about it. To organize your thoughts, use a graphic organizer to write down your ideas before you begin your composition.


EXAMPLE: If you were describing the American Kids & Cul-de-Sacs lifestyle (see page 19), your graphic organizer might look like this.

1. Think about why SUVs are popular with Americans who have a Kids & Cul-de – Sacs lifestyle. Reread the poll on page 18. Would you want to own an SUV? Explain why or why not.

2. How do you and your family spend leisure time together?

3. Where are three places that you would want to take someone visiting from another country?

4. Choose a folktale from your culture. Retell the folktale in English and explain why you think this tale is representative of your culture.

image017Use the Internet to look for information about your country’s or another country’s census or population characteristics. Use a search engine such as www. google. com or www. yahoo. com to help you find information. Be sure to include the URL (the uniform resource locator), which is the address of the website. Do the following searches and write a report about what you find.

1. census + __________________ (a country)

2. “population characteristics” + ________________ (a country)

Note: You must use quotation marks (“ ”) when one of the terms you are searching for has more than one word.

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