Improve Your Reading Skills: Scanning

In order to become a good reader in English, your reading speed and techniques should vary according to your purpose. For example, you may look down a page (or over several pages) to find a particular piece of information—a number, a date, a place, or the time a movie begins. This type of reading for a specific fact is called scanning.

Read the questions below. Scan the reading to find the specific information you need to answer each question.

1. Which states have the largest numbers of immigrants?

2. In what year did Alexis de Tocqueville come to visit the United States?

3. In 1910, what percentage of the U. S. population was foreign born?

4. What was the total U. S. population according to the 2000 census?

5. In what year did Israel Zangwill write a play in which he used the term melting pot?

6. What does Cablinas’uin mean, and who made up this word?

Talk About It

Work in small groups and choose one or more of the following topics to discuss.

1. How would you compare the size and ethnic diversity of your country with that of the United States? What are some of the challenges that size (large or small) and diversity (great or limited) present to a country?

2. Should a country have immigration quotas based on country of origin? Should immigrants become citizens? Should countries allow “guest workers” (people who work there temporarily)?

3. How would you describe the average person in your country and what he or she believes?

4. Do you think people all over the world arc basically the same or basically very different?

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:16 pm