The Book at a Glance


• To increase students’ awareness and understanding of the cultural values of the United States, their own country, and, we hope, other countries

• To provide interesting cross-cultural activities for small group and class discussions, and topics for oral presentations, research, and writing projects


High intermediate to advanced. The vocabulary level is in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 words, with emphasis on the Academic Word List.[1] (See page 285.) Grammatical structures are not controlled, although an effort has been made to avoid overly complex patterns.


Information about traditional basic American values, where they came from, and how these values affect various institutions and aspects of life in the United States, for example, religion, business, government, race relations, education, recreation, and the family.

Types of Exercises

Pre-reading activities, vocabulary work (including collocation exercises), comprehension questions on both main ideas and details, topics for discussion, values clarification, questions for Americans, suggestions for research and oral reports, ideas for pair work and group projects, proverbs, people watching and experiments, understanding polls and the media, Internet activities, writing topics, and suggested books and movies.

Use of Text

• To orient students to American culture

• To foster cross-cultural communication

• To promote reading, writing, and discussion

• To encourage conversation

• To serve as a conceptual framework and accompany other cultural materials focusing on literature, the media, current events, and so on

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:16 pm