To my Sugar Lump, Luv U 4-Ever. Your Teddy Bear


legend(s): n. a popular story, perhaps untrue, that is passed down through history

cherub: n. a type of angel appearing as a young boy with wings

martyr: n. a person who is killed, chooses to die, or suffer greatly for a cause or belief supposedly: adv. according to some people; it is assumed to be true

behead(ed): v. to execute by having one’s head cut off execute(d): v. to put to death by an official order mythical: adj. based on a traditional story or myth, or imagination

nurse(d): v. to care for; to nourish or feed from the breast

randomly: adv. by chance; not in any order

escort: v. to accompany; to go with or take to an event

sleeve: n. the part of a shirt that covers the arms

origin: n. beginning; source

mate(s): n. male or female member of a pair

sentimental: adj. emotional; full of feeling

heartfelt: adj. sincere

anonymous: adj. without the sender’s or author’s name

refreshment(s): n. light food and drink

destine(d): v. to be intended for; to be received by a

specific person or at a specific destination

would-be: adj. possible; hoped to be

acquaintance: n. a friend, but not a close friend

spouse: n. husband or wife

fee: n. a payment required for a service

pet name(s): n. phrase. sweet or endearing nickname;

special name given to a loved one

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:13 pm