commemorate: v. to hold a ceremony or observation to remember someone or a group or event or action biannual(ly): adv. occurring twice a year, also called “semi-annual.” Something that occurs every two years is biennial.

centennial: n. occuring once in a hundred years fireworks: n. a display of explosive devices as part of a celebration

topped: adj. placed on top

birthday boy or girl: adj+n. a term commonly used to refer to a child on the day of his or her birth customary: adj. commonly practiced or used as a matter of course; usual tier: n. a layer

vow: n. a solemn promise or commitment to a

prescribed role, typically to marriage

progeny: n. a child or descendent

durable: adj. able to resist wear or decay well; lasting

Opposite page: A couple celebrates their 50th wedding anniversary.




Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:13 pm