Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries occur on the same day of the year the wedding took place. Married couples have many different ways of celebrating, but it is common for them to give each other flowers or small gifts, or enjoy a special dinner together. Sometimes couples plan a trip for themselves to celebrate this special day. On a couple’s first wedding anniversary, it is custom­ary for them to eat the top tier of their wedding cake that they had saved and frozen just for this day.

Many wedding anniversary celebrations are quiet events that include just the married couple, but some­times, especially if the couple has been married a long time, they will plan a party that includes their chil­dren, grandchildren, and possibly siblings, nieces, and nephews. At some large wedding anniversary celebra­tions, such as a 50th anniversary, a granddaughter or other relative might wear the bride’s wedding dress. Sometimes the couple decides to renew their wedding vows in front of their progeny.

Traditionally, specific materials are associated with particular anniversary years. Usually, the lon­ger the period of time, the more precious or durable is the material that is associated with it. Sometimes the couple—or their families—use the list for gift suggestions.

The traditional list includes:

1 year—paper anniversary 5 years—wood anniversary 10 years—tin or aluminum anniversary 20 years—china (porcelain) anniversary 25 years—silver anniversary 50 years—gold anniversary 75 years—diamond anniversary

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:13 pm