Glossary (Earth Day)

emphasize: v. to give special significance; to stress legislator(s): n. people who make laws movement: n. large-scale group activities toward the achievement of a goal

preservation: n. protection from harm or destruction amend(ed): v. to change, as a law or regulation pollution: n. the harmful contamination or destruction of the environment with man-made waste and chemicals emission(s): n. carbon dioxide and other such harmful chemical substances sent (emitted) into the air from such things as automobiles and factories enact(ed): v. to make into a law

conservation: n. protection of something such as resources, the environment, way of life demonstration(s): n. a gathering of people for the purpose of public protest or support teach-in(s): n. an educational demonstration or rally envision(ed): v. to imagine; to form a mental picture grassroot(s): adj. from people at a local level rather than a central organization or agency sponsor(ing): adj. people or organizations that support and finance an activity embrace(d): v. accepted enthusiastically momentum: n. speed or force of motion celebrity(ies): n. famous people

recycle: v. to use again; to process old material for new use

exposition(s): n. exhibit

impact(s): v. to have a strong effect on

steward(s): n. one who is responsible for the preservation

and care of something




image8image9Подпись: PREVIOUS PAGE: A birthday girl blows out the candles on her birthday cake. ABOVE: Children's birthday parties often include birthday hats and noisemakers for everyone.

nniversary celebrations are

those that commemorate a particular date or past event. This might be an his­torical event, such as the first walk on the Moon; a military event, such as the beginning or ending of a war; a national event, such as the birth of a nation or the signing of a constitution; or a more personal event, such as the opening of a new business or the receipt of an award. Usually when we refer to anniversaries we are referring to a yearly event, but people may also choose to celebrate monthly or biannually. A large cel­ebration might be held on a centen­nial anniversary. An anniversary celebration ranges from a small personal event such as a dinner for two people, to a large city-wide event such as a parade or fireworks.

Anniversary celebrations might be accompanied by balloons, flowers, special meals, or presents. In this reading, we discuss two common celebrations: birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

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