Glossary (Arbor Day)

arbor: n. tree

environment: n. the air, soil, and living things around us

territory: n. a large area of land; a district or region prairie: n. flat, grassy region of land pioneer(s): n. a person who settles in new territory advocate(d): v. to support; to argue strongly for an idea barren: adj. not capable of producing new life; desolate propose(d): v. to offer an idea orchard(s): n. groves of fruit or nut trees planted for the purpose of cultivation

incentive(s): n. a physical or emotional reward that pushes you toward a goal enthusiastically: adv. with great interest declare(d): v. to officially name

adopt(ed): v. to take up and make one’s own, as an idea; to vote to accept alternate: adj. available as another choice wide-scale: adj. covering a large area

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:13 pm