The Iowa State Fair

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Food also plays an important part in the fair, both in contests and at vendors’ stands. If you want a piece of homemade berry pie, you’ll have to buy it. But you can get an ear of sweet corn for free. Iowa is, after all, the biggest corn-producing state.

Word Search

Find ten things that you would find at the Iowa State Fair. The words may be horizon­tal, vertical, or diagonal; some are upside down.


You undoubtedly know that butter is made from cows’ milk, but did you know that some cows are made from butter?

Each year, at the Iowa State Fair, Norma Duffield Lyon uses butter—nearly 1/4 ton of it—to sculpt a life-size cow. The cows are so lifelike that the crowd can easily recognize which breed of cow she has sculpted.

The crowd can also see plenty of real cows—along with bulls, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and poultry. The farm animals shown at the fair are among the area’s best. The fair is intended as a "celebration of excellence."

Farmers can enter their animals in con­tests. Each year, for example, there are about 10 competitors in the Super Bull Contest, with the prize going to the heaviest bulk

There are many contests for people, too. You could win a prize for throwing horse­shoes—or for being the man with the best pair of legs!


A prize bull

Scrambled Words

Much to the dismay of the farmers who live there, the Midwest is characterized by ex­tremes of weather: heat, cold, rain, wind, snows, floods. Can you unscramble the weather words on the right and match them with the descriptions on the left?

1. violent, funnel – a. metudhnrtsro shaped windstorm

2. bitter cold, high b. ontroad winds, deep snow

3. heavy rain, loud c. darlzbiz noise, flashes of


(For the answers, see page 171.)

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