Special rules for F-1 Students Who Take Practical Training. As a required Part of Their Studies

If, prior to graduation, you accept practi­cal training employment that is a required part of your studies, as is frequently done by students on fellowships, only 50% of your employment time will be deducted from the allotted 12-month total. Practi­cal training in this special situation is called curricular practical training, and has the effect of allowing you to work for a total of 24 months prior to graduation instead of only 12. If you work for six months in curricular practical training, you are required to deduct only three months from your allotment, mean­ing you may still accept nine months of additional practical training employment prior to graduation and the full 12 months after graduation. If, however, you work more than 20 hours per week, you lose the benefit of this special rule. Under these circumstances, once again you must deduct the whole amount of time you worked, meaning you are limited to a maximum of 12 months of practical training prior to graduation.

b. optional Practical Training Work Permit application Procedures (m-1 Students)

As an M-1 student, you can apply for permission to take practical training only after you have completed your entire program of studies. Applications for work permission must be filed not more than 60 days before your graduation. m-1 students can be granted permission to work in a practical training position only for a period of one month for each four months of study, with a total overall maximum of six months.

While the time periods for getting practical training work permission for F-1 students differ from those for M-1 stu­dents, the procedures, forms, and docu­ments are almost exactly the same. see subsection a, immediately above. The one difference is that on Question 16,

M-1 students will answer “(c)(6).”

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