Look Again

Look at the corrected answers for the vocabulary exercise (exercise D) in section 1. Use the similar words to understand the meanings and to answer this vocabulary exercise. If the words in the following exercise are not in exercise D, look for them in the reading in order to understand their meanings. Do not use a dictionary.

A. Vocabulary

DIRECTIONS: Circle the letter of the choice that best completes each sentence.

1. I want to know more about the_____ of the people: what they do every day and

how they spend their free time.

a. work b. lifestyle с products

2. My mother and my father work;____ of my parents work.

a. friendships b. some с both

3. I am wearing a suit today because I want to make a good_____

a. involvement b. custom с impression

4. Some people are happy about the changes, but____ are unhappy.

a. institutions b. personals с others

5. On the train I looked out the window at the_____

a. scenery b. products с customs

6. There are many different____ to the problem. It is not easy to understand.

a. images b. aspects с people

7. Schools and churches are___

a. lifestyles b. institutions с landscapes

8. My parents are very____ of me when I make good grades at school.

a. positive b. concept с proud

9. I am not_______ with him in any way.

a. involved b. entertained с valued

10. The two men work in different fields of study. They are not__________ each other.

a. associated with b. customs image of


Go back to the reading and put a question mark next to two or three sentences that you don’t understand very well. Discuss these sentences with your classmates and teacher.


DIRECTIONS: Complete the reading summary with words from this list. Try to complete it first without looking back at the reading.

Подпись: ideas image impressions institutions Подпись: aspects countries freedom knowledge





When people from other (1)__________________________ think about

the United States, they probably have many different (2)_________________

_____________ Some may have an (3)___________________________ of an

American (4)________________________ such as a big car or a hamburger.

Others may think of American (5)_________________________ such as uni­


People in the United States are proud of the beautiful (6)____________

_________________ They are also proud of the political (7)_______________

they have in this country, but some are concerned about American in­volvement in other countries.

The authors think that the most important thing in learning about another country is (8) of the people in that

Answers: “ •

1. British homemakers have different values from American homemakers. They want to spend a lot of time cooking for their families so they did not want an “instant” cake product.

2. The company thought that Americans and British homemakers had the same values. People speak Eng­lish in both countries, but the cultures of the U. S. and Britain are very different.

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Подпись:■qooq siqj рвэл Aaqj uaqAV "(Ol) рив suapi uavo лlэql jnoqB quiqj oj влэрвэл (6) рив suiojsno лlэqJ :AлJunoэ

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