. U. S. Capitol

Built on a hill popularly called Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C., the U. S. Capitol has been the home of the House of Representatives and the Senate since 1800. This is where Congress meets and conducts business. It is located on the east end of the National Mall.

Easily recognizable by its iron dome topped by the Statue of Freedom, the Capitol covers a ground area of 175,170 square feet and has a floor area of about 16.5 acres. The building contains approximately 540 rooms and has 658 windows (108 in the dome alone) and approximately 850 doorways. The Capitol is also a museum of American art and history. It stands as a focal point of the Government’s legislative branch.


The Capitol contains the chambers of the House of Representatives in the south wing and the Senate in the north wing as well as the offices of the congressional leadership. Offices for Members of Congress and their staff are nearby.

Updated: 18th July 2015 — 3:09 pm