So what’s the color of chameleon dress?

Today we called several employees of our company to determine the color of the dress, and as it was thought, the company split into two parts:

  • 4 employees saw white and gold, or in a pinch white with blue/gold with brown-yellowish…
  • 3 employees saw blue and black!

I was warned about the possible aggression from the “white and gold” camp (and that’s – I don’t want any kind of murder to be done in the company). But unexpectedly “white and gold” were very quiet, and since predicted events do not come true (we have no quarrel), we just decided that the main cause is in different perception of each person. We see all things in different way.

By the way, there are twins in our company, and they (both – female) see colors differently although they have identical-looking eyes.

At home, I have tested image through Photoshop and found that both groups were equally half right. That’s what I got:

White color of chameleon dress is originally white.

White color of chameleon dress is originally white.
But anyone who see white as blue is also right.


Платье хамелеон - реальные цвета

As for golden, yellow and reddish-brown – it is close to yellow-brown-red spectrum!
Thus, other camp is right as well.

My explanation:
Press in Photoshop on the “eyedropper” tool – this makes the main color, which is to be clicked on further. Then in the first image click on the white, but it color is up to you: as for me it looks white, but other people think that it’s blue – and they are right, because Photoshop recognizes it as “blue range of colors”… Also Photoshop recognizes golden color as red-brown-yellow, but as for me it’s golden and brown – and I’m almost true.
Well, why do we see chameleon differently and why this dress has appeared in March 2015 and divided people into equal parts so “clearly”? Obviously it’s a mystery, but maybe you have some suggestions? Leave it in commentaries.
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Updated: 7th April 2015 — 12:22 pm