Northern Ireland. Derrys city.

Northern Ireland. Derrys city.

Placement of the small town of Derry.

At a trip to round across Ireland, visit Derry’s small town. ДЕРРИ (Londonderry) costs at the bottom Lough Foyle, at distance least the 3rd miles from border with the Republic Ireland. The city which is running up on slopes of 2 hillocks, with houses of pastel tones, with an abundance of turrets, represents a charming entertaining show. and as the two third local population Catholics, and the local atmosphere not to compare with the belfastsky.

History of crisis of the small town.

But from the moment of country division in 1921 and till the end of the 1980th IT. Catholic the most part suffered from infringement of the civilian rights, and the Protestant minority supervised all universities of local government. The situation was heated to a maximum after in August, 1969 in the course of Protestant march the militia has tried to attack the Catholic district in Bogsayda. Then it was necessary to enter English armies into Northern Ireland. Crisis has even more gone deep on January 31, 1972 when English paratroopers have opened огнь on the civilian of population, having killed 13 unaided demonstrators (sow day it became known as Bloody Sunday). Since then Derry has very much exchanged: tension here has fallen down still earlier, than in Belfast, – partially thanks to reasonable policy of local city council though shocking inscriptions on walls somewhere else are visible, times arrange demonstrations and furious political disputes are conducted. The city centre was облагороден and is reconstructed, and since Derry’s certain time has deserved reputation of the centre of innovative art.

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