Western Great Britain Penzans-svedeniya to the tourist.

Western Great Britain Penzans-svedeniya to the tourist.


The station and autostation are in Penzanse on the northeast suburb of the small town about Market Jew St Street. Tourist’s bureau (May-sent. pn-sb 9. 00-17. 00, вс 10. 00-13. 00; окт. – the Agrarian Party of Russia. pn-pt, 9. 00-17. 00, сб. 10. 00-13. 00; 01736/362207; www. go-cornwall. com) is near autostation. Boards are grouped on the western border of the small town at Morrab Rd. YHA hotel about Castle Horneck, Alverton (0870/770 5992, www. yha. org. uk; it is closed in January., Q) is approximately in mile from the centre but a way to Land’s End; right there is Penzance Backpackers camping on Alexandra Rd (01736/363 836, Owww. pzbackpack. com;). To get here, it is possible to use round to England.


The gulf Whitesand Bay and Land’s End has a good board Whitesands Lodge with bedrooms, numbers and a camping (01736/871776, www. whites-andslodge. co. uk; Q). In the bar Co-Co’s of a pas of Chapel St submit snack, cakes, coffee and beer, and on Causew ay ecu, vegetarian cafe Dandelions. It is possible to visit Star pubs on Market Jew St and Admiral Benbow more recognised to tourists on Chapel St in a building of the XVII century with a sea decor. Musical and other representations take place in theatre of Asot of Theatre on Parade St.

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