Southern Belgium. City of Namur.

Southern Belgium. City of Namur.

City of Namur.

Having used round to Belgium it is possible to visit the city of Namur. The fine city of NAMUR is at merge of 2 rivers of Sombra (Sambre) and Maas (Meuse). It is the city with very narrow ancient small streets, stylish houses of the XVIII century and stormy night life which is conducted by students of local institute. Because of basic location in the strategic relation here quite often there were fights therefore the powerful fortress on a top of an abrupt hillock on Sombra’s southern coast has been constructed.

Sights of the small town.

The medieval fortress was few times reconstructed, in an extent of centuries there were redoubts, subways, artillery strengthenings and barracks. That it to inspect, some days though it is possible to make an excursion trip by a small train (June-sent are necessary., ежедн. 11. 00-19. 00, 6 euros). The centre of the old small town crosses Ryu de ль’Анж (Rue de FAnge) passing in Ryu de Fer (Rue de Fer) which form the trunk trading main. In several steps there is one of the best (and the smallest) a museum the Treasury of a monastery of Uanyi (Tresor du Prieure d’Oignies) about rue Julie Billiart 17 (W-sb 10. 00-12. 00 and 14. 00-17. 00, вс 14. 00-17. 00, 1, 25 euros). This ladies’ monastery stores a delightful collection of subjects of the cult made by local master Gugo д’Уаньи in the 1st floor. XIII century (nuns conduct tours to English language).

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