Hookah, in Egypt it call – шиша. Practically all men of Egypt smoke a hookah

Hookah, in Egypt it call - шиша. Practically all men of Egypt smoke a hookah

Shisha, or a hookah, takes a basic place in life of Egyptians.

Where you have gone, you will see the guys who are letting out clubs of a smoke in cafe or it is simple on the street (though in this case the hookah was provided by cafe of Egypt). Smoke only men of Egypt, for ladies such entertainment is considered in Egypt improper.

The origin шиши is rather mysterious. The title left from the Persian word with value «glass, a glass vessel». Other title – наргила – in Persian means "coco" which again can be considered as the ancestor of a vessel. It follows from this that the hookah has come to Egypt from Persia. But in Persia hookahs of a difficult design have appeared in the seventeenth century practically at once with tobacco therefore there was a theory that else before them, maybe, used for hemp smoking.

It is not excluded that Persians have adopted these customs of Egypt in the course of trade with East Africa where hemp, by all means, smoked by means of a hookah for a long time before tobacco emergence. Once smoking of a hookah was registered on occupation of old men, but soon it endures the revival period.

At present not including usual моазеля which mixes up with honey, do and the flavoured tobacco (yablokovy, strawberry, apricot, mint and so forth). Water is very effective filter of what you simply make sure, having looked at its condition after use. And has begun to smell моазеля – one of the main smells of Egypt: having felt it, you will always remember this country.

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Updated: 12th January 2015 — 6:22 pm