Morocco – the emergency help.

Morocco - the emergency help.

Order protection

Street theft here the phenomenon the most rare, but after all it happens from time to time, in particular in Casablanca. Generally, in hotels it is possible to leave harmless means, but campings in this sense are unreliable. In the country two types of militia: the gendarmes dressed in a grayish form protect an order outside of the cities, and policemen in a blue uniform work in occupied пт (сюрте). «The tourist police» from time to time meets. Rounds in Morocco.

Honey help

In the Moroccan drugstores qualified personnel and big range of pharmaceutical means. In the majority of the cities there is a drugstore on duty (quite often in a city hall building), working late and on target days. The list of names of English doctors in big small towns is in consulates. Do not use marihuana (киф) and hashish it is illegal and can entail punishment: heavy fine and imprisonment.

Updated: 12th January 2015 — 6:22 pm