Morocco – communication centres.

Morocco - communication centres.

Practical data

Post offices (RTT) work with пн on чт with 8. 30 to 12. 15 and with 14. 30 to 18. 30, on пт with 8. 30 to 11. 30 and with 15. 00 to 18. 30. In big post offices in huge small towns the prolonged working day, except summer and Ramadan. Not including that, brands are on sale in the benches trading in cards, from time to time in tobacco booths. Mail renders all main services. The trunk phone calls can be made by means of telephone cards (are on sale on mail and in tobacco booths). Other option – personal phone booths, usually work late. It is necessary to gain all nine figures of the Moroccan telephone number. Access to the Web is provided in almost all places, tariffs are low: usually 10 дирхемов in hour. To get to Morocco, use our rounds.

Updated: 12th January 2015 — 6:22 pm