Fujian, Guangdong and peninsula of Hainan. Food in China: the main moments about which it is necessary to know, ordering a dinner from seafood in China

The food in China is pleasant not to much, but food in Hsiamen you will remain are happy. Tone to a local cuisine set the freshest fish and seafood, in China them prepare especially, in particular oysters, crabs and a shrimp. Test them you can at restaurants in borders of a trading zone of Gulanjyuya and in lanes behind Donghai hotel, but the prices in them we recommend to you to find out to a descent: seafood usually is on sale on weight, instead of the fixed portions. To arrange for itself cheap rest in China and not to be ruined on tasting of a local cuisine, walk on the small town centre, it abounds with institutions though what sort. Soups and rolls with a peanut (the loved regional sweets) are offered guests of Ze Not by Huang, always a crowded, booming dining room on Chzhunshanla. Vegetarian restaurant of Chinese cuisine in Nanputosa дороговат; the dinner here will manage to you in CNY 30-80, is dependent on quantity of the ordered dishes. For the temple, near institute, there is next vegetarian, but more available institution – Gongde Caiguan. The cafes some aimed at students about institute offer guests both Chinese, and the western food, beer and cocktails in a weakening situation behind little tables open-air. Among them – Yoso, Wenxinge and Venezzia. In a hall of Holidy Inn hotel the cafe is also open, coffee with cookies there costs to CNY 58.

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