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Coast of the Sea of Marmara. Peninsula to Gelibola. Central and northern part of the peninsula. Excursions in Turkey in Ariburna is possibility to behold a fight place with Anzak and a military museum of Turkey

Military memorials and museum of Turkey in KabatepThe 1st stop of the majority of excursion rounds to Turkey occurs in the Museum and Information centre Kabatep (it is open ежедн., 8. 30-17. 00; 2YTL entrance fee) which is in 9 km to the southwest from EdzheabatRead More

Ataturk Moustapha Kemal. Responsible for many holidays of Turkey, velyuchivshiya in culture of the country concerts in Turkey

Holidays of Turkey began to have bolshushchy соц value thanks to Ataturk Even having visited Turkey for kutsy time, the researcher will be struck with presence at daily life of the population of Turkey of spirit of Kemal Ataturk. Its portraits are hung out inRead More

Coast of the Sea of Marmara. Peninsula to Gelibola. Rounds on fields of fights. Rather short rounds to Turkey in places of fighting glory

Informative rather short rounds to Turkey which include picnic in the open air and a small stop for bathing, will organise for 35YTL from the person in TJs Hostel. The excursion trip begins with display of the documentary film about Gallipoli The Fatal ShoreRead More

Where that. ANTALIA And Okrugi. Аспендос. Old theatre in Turkey, remained up to now

Quite often permits to Turkey receive in located in 20 km to the East from Perge. This pamfiliysky city is famous for one of the finest old theatres. It has perfectly remained, thanks to that has been restored by Turks-seldzhukami who used it as a caravanseraiRead More

Gilkebir and Dzhebel Uveynat Kak to reach As to reach

There are two traditional ways before a corner of Egypt. One goes south from an oasis Dakhla on Darb el-Tarfavi and then on Abu Ballas, first to Gilf, and then to Uveynat. Other route begins from more east пт, from an oasis of Harga or even from Aswan or AbuRead More