Category: Symbols of the U. S. Government

. Washington Monument

Located in Washington, D. C., at the western end of the National Mall, this four-sided stone structure (modeled after a classic Egyptian obelisk) honors the "Father of our Country," General, Founding Father, and the first President of the United States (1789-1797), George Washington. At just over 555 feet tall, the Washington Monument towers over everything […]

Liberty Bell

Cast in London, England in 1752, the Liberty Bell rang when the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence. It has become a symbol of free­dom in the United States and the world. The bell weighs about 2,000 pounds and is made mostly of copper and tin. Made for the Pennsylvania State House (now Independence […]

Washington Monument Activity

Directions: Based on what you learned about the Washington Monument on page 27, complete the paragraph below. Taj Mahal reflecting pool Capitol first Lincoln George Washington White Jefferson obelisk countries Versailles Washington, D. C. The Washington Monument was modeled after a classic Egyptian structure called the ______________________________________________ . It was built to honor the___ presi­dent […]