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Equality of Opportunity and Competition

he second important reason why immigrants have traditionally been drawn to the United States is the belief that everyone has a chance to succeed here. Generations of immigrants, from the earliest settlers to the present day, have come to the United States with this expectation. They have felt that because individuals are free from excessive […]

Racial Equality and Education

27 ПГ he most significant departure from the ideal of equality of opportunity in jL education has occurred in the education of African Americans. As we saw in the previous chapter, after the Civil War in the 1860s, the southern states developed a social and legal system which segregated the former black slaves from the […]

To the Teacher

What is “culture”? There are many definitions. Some would define it as the art, literature, and music of a people, their architecture, history, religion, and traditions. Others might focus more on the customs and specific behavior of a people. We have chosen to use a sociological definition of culture as the way of life of […]