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The Changing American Workforce

26 ‘ I " raditionally, white males have dominated American business—earning the highest JL salaries, achieving the greatest successes, and certainly wielding[63] most of the power. They have been the “bosses,” setting the standards and the working conditions for the rest of the working population. But times are changing. 27 The percentage of women entering […]

Build Your Vocabulary

Use Context Clues There are several types of context clues that will help you guess the meaning of words you do not know. By looking at the words around an unfamiliar word, you may be able to figure out its meaning. See the four kinds of context clues on the next page. In the examples, […]

Equality of Opportunity

24 ПП he frontier is an expression of individual freedom and self-reliance in its purest (and X most extreme) forms, and it is also a pure expression of the ideal of equality of opportunity. On the western frontier there was more of a tendency for people to treat each other as social equals than there […]