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The Role of the Child

13 " I " he American emphasis on the individual, rather X than the group, affects children in a contradictory way. On the one hand, it may cause them to get more attention and even have more power than they should. On the other hand, because most children have mothers who are working outside the […]

Understand Polls

Conducting opinion polls is very popular in the United States. A newspaper, a magazine, a TV station, or a professional polling organization asks a representative group of Americans several questions to determine what their opinions are about a given topic. The pollsters choose men and women of different ages, occupations, and races in the same […]

The Protestant Heritage: Self-Improvement

8 rotestantism has been a powerful force in shaping the values and beliefs of JL Americans. One of the most important values associated with American Protestantism is the value of self-improvement. Christianity often emphasizes the natural sinfulness of human nature. Unlike Catholics, Protestants do not go to priests for forgiveness of their sins; individuals are […]


Preview Vocabulary A. Read the following sentences from the chapter and notice the words in italics. These key AWL words will help you understand the reading. Use context clues to help you figure out the meanings. Then choose which definition is best for the italicized word. [48] ____ 3. Mass advertising crosses media there are […]


The Corporate CEO 20 ‘ I " he great entrepreneurs of the late nineteenth century built huge business A organizations that needed new generations of business leaders to run them in the twentieth century. These leaders, sometimes referred to as “organizational men (or women),” are now the CEOs (chief executive officers) of American corporations. They […]