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Ask Yourself Do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? Put a check under the number that indicates how you feel. +2 = Strongly agree + 1 = Agree 0 = No opinion “1 = Disagree ~2 = Strongly disagree +2 +1 0 -1 -2 1. The welfare of the individual is […]

Inventiveness and the Can-Do Spirit

21 T Д 7 bile the frontier idealized the rugged individual as the great American hero, it V V also respected the inventive individual. The need for self-reliance on the frontier encouraged a spirit of inventiveness. Frontier men and women not only had to provide most of their daily life essentials, but they were also […]

The Characteristics of American Business

It is essential to become familiar with two words in order to understand the meaning of business to Americans: They are private and profit. Businesses are directly or indirectly owned and operated by private individuals (or groups of individuals) in order to make a profit. In contrast to these privately owned, for-profit businesses, there are […]

The Political Landscape in the 2000s

34 Tn order to understand the political landscape of the United States, one should first A look at the historical, traditional positions of the two major political parties—the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democratic Party emerged from the New Deal as the supporter of the idea that government should do more for all classes and […]