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Individual Freedom and Self-Reliance

6 HP he earliest settlers came to the North American continent to establish colonies A which were free from the controls that existed in European societies. They wanted to escape the controls placed on many aspects of their lives by kings and governments, priests and churches, noblemen and aristocrats.1 To a great extent, they succeeded. […]

Understand Details

Write T if the statement is true and F it is false according to the information in the chapter. ____ 1. Although there is cultural pluralism in the United States, there is no religious pluralism. ____ 2. The Protestant denominations (such as Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian) are all part of the Roman Catholic church. ____ […]

Or the Decline of American Abundance?

32 ver the last few decades, the American economy has had its ups and downs. In the late 1970s, the energy crisis and the economic recession warned Americans that there might be a limit to their abundant natural resources and the lifestyle that these natural resources had supported. The 1980s and 1990s brought a general […]

2000 Electoral Vote Distribution

RI-4 Q-8 NJ-15 DE-3 MD-10 DC-3 majority of popular votes. All through the 1900s, the presidents who were elected had won at least a plurality, the highest number of the popular votes, in addition to winning the electoral votes. However, in the election of 2000, A1 Gore, the Democratic candidate, won more popular votes than […]