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The American Dream

27 T ohn Kenneth White, in The Values Divide: American Politics and Culture in I Transition, observes that in spite of all the changes in the nation’s population, economy, and culture, the behaviors and values of Americans have remained remarkably constant: Americans still love their country and believe that they can accomplish almost anything. A […]

Ask Yourself/Ask Americans

What do you think “the good life” is? Roper ASW has been polling Americans for more than thirty years to see what they think the good life is. Americans are asked to choose from a list such as the one below. Read the list and predict Americans’ top three choices. Show several Americans the list […]

The Role of Special Interest Groups

26 P ractically all social and economic classes of Americans have seen the need to take IT advantage of, or to protect themselves from, the actions of government, especially the national government. To accomplish this, Americans with similar interests have formed special interest groups to more effectively influence the actions of government. These special interest […]