Liberation, Inc

Heady with exhilaration from their participation in the Stonewall Riots in June 1969, the anonymous narrator of Edmund White’s The Beautiful Room Is Empty (1988) and his friend Lou find it impossible to rest: “We hugged each other in bed like brothers, but we were too excited to sleep. We rushed down to buy the […]


Even the most primitive technology had one immediate and extraordinary effect: the physical and temporal displacement of reception from perform­ance. Music was produced at one place and time and heard in another. Listeners acquired the ability to call up music at will, first in the home and later virtually anywhere; for the first time they […]

Hollywood cinema

Hollywood, soon to become the United States’ national film industry, was founded in the early teens of the twentieth century by a group of film companies which came to Los Angeles at first to escape the winter condi­tions of their New York – and Chicago-based production locations. How­ever, the advantages of production in southern California […]