Category: Arbor Day & Earth Day

Glossary (Arbor Day)

arbor: n. tree environment: n. the air, soil, and living things around us territory: n. a large area of land; a district or region prairie: n. flat, grassy region of land pioneer(s): n. a person who settles in new territory advocate(d): v. to support; to argue strongly for an idea barren: adj. not capable of […]

Glossary (Earth Day)

emphasize: v. to give special significance; to stress legislator(s): n. people who make laws movement: n. large-scale group activities toward the achievement of a goal preservation: n. protection from harm or destruction amend(ed): v. to change, as a law or regulation pollution: n. the harmful contamination or destruction of the environment with man-made waste and […]


Birthdays are celebrated in a variety of ways in the United States. A birthday is considered a special day for the birthday person, so the person will often get special treat­ment from friends and family. Children are usually very ex­cited about their birthdays. At avery early age, children know when their birthdays are and how […]

Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries occur on the same day of the year the wedding took place. Married couples have many different ways of celebrating, but it is common for them to give each other flowers or small gifts, or enjoy a special dinner together. Sometimes couples plan a trip for themselves to celebrate this special day. On […]


commemorate: v. to hold a ceremony or observation to remember someone or a group or event or action biannual(ly): adv. occurring twice a year, also called “semi-annual.” Something that occurs every two years is biennial. centennial: n. occuring once in a hundred years fireworks: n. a display of explosive devices as part of a celebration […]