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The British

Beginning in the 1600s, the British settled the eastern part of North America. By the time of the American Revolution (1776), the culture of the American colonists (their religion, lan­guage, government, etc.) was thoroughly Brit­ish—with an American "twist." In a sense, then, the British culture was the foundation on which America was built. Also, over […]

Two New England Writers

A Witch’s Curse In the 1800s, when Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote his novels, the town of Salem, Massachusetts was a beautiful and prosperous seaport. But the novels look back to the 1600s, a dark pe­riod in Salem’s history. The Puritans who ruled had very strict ideas and severely punished people who did not conform. In 1692, […]

New York Is Also A State!

The Hudson River Valley Rip Van Winkle fell into a deep sleep on a bank of the Hudson River. He woke up twenty years later! In his village, as he would soon find out, everyone and everything had changed. But, at first, looking around him at the Hudson River Valley, he had no idea that […]

Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln   Lincoln visiting soldiers   Abraham Lincoln grew up in rural Indiana and Illinois. He was a frontiersman and had all the frontiersman’s skills. He could split rails—that is, cut logs so they could be used to make fences. He could tell a good story or joke and liked going to county fairs, […]

Pueblo Indians

The Pueblos include the Норі of Arizona, the Zuni of New Mexico, and other New Mexican groups. In all, the Pueblo population totals about 30,000. Spaniards conquered the Pueblo Indians in the 1500s. Pueblo is the Spanish word for "town." When the Spaniards arrived, the Pueblos farmed the land and lived in towns, in stone […]