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Melting Pots and Mosaics

For years, it was thought that the United States was and should be a "melting pot" —in other words, that people from all over the world would come and adopt the American culture as their own. More recently, some people have compared the United States to a mosaic—a picture made of many different pieces. Amer­ica’s […]

Walking the Freedom Trail

The American Revolution lasted from 1775 to 1781. After March 17 76, the city ofBoston was never again touched by fighting. Yet no other city played as important a role in the struggle for independence. It was events in Boston that led to the revolution. In the 1760s. England passed laws that imposed taxes on […]

The Boardwalk

Now many beach towns in the United States have boardwalks. In many ways, all boardwalks are similar. Boardwalks usually have rides and games. They have shops that sell cheap souvenirs and junk food. They have benches that are perfect places to sit and watch the world go by. But each boardwalk also has its own […]

The Iowa State Fair

Food also plays an important part in the fair, both in contests and at vendors’ stands. If you want a piece of homemade berry pie, you’ll have to buy it. But you can get an ear of sweet corn for free. Iowa is, after all, the biggest corn-producing state. Word Search Find ten things that […]


Aspen began in the 1880s as a silver mining town. Within a few years, it had a population of almost 10,000. But in the 1890s silver prices fell sharply. People left, and the town almost died. Then, fifty years later, a Swiss engineer built Aspen’s first ski trail. Today Aspen is oneof the most popular […]