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Time Limits on nonimmigrant visas

Just as nonimmigrant visas vary in pur­pose, they also vary as to how long they last. Each nonimmigrant visa is given an expiration date, according to what the law allows for that particular category. Most nonimmigrant visas can be extended a certain number of times. The number and length of these exten­sions also vary according […]

Correct Background

You must have the correct background and abilities for the job you have been offered. For example, if you are a quali­fied insurance salesman but are offered a job supervising a catering project, you will not be granted an H-2B visa for that job because you have no background in catering. It is irrelevant that […]

Step Three: visa Revalidation

If you must leave the U. S. after your extension has been approved, you must get a new visa stamp issued at a consul­ate in order to return. Bring along all the documents you supplied for your u. s. extension. ■ Getting a Temporary Trainee (H-3) Visa A. Do You Qualify for an H-3 Visa?………………………………………………. […]

Mailing the Change of Status Petition

After assembling the I-129 petition, mail it to the usCIs regional service center listed in the instructions to Form I-129. Currently, only the California and Texas Service Centers accept I-129 petitions for E-2 change-of-status candidates. USCIS regional service centers are not the same as USCIS local offices—for one thing, you cannot visit regional service centers […]