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The Commuter Exception

Green card holders who commute to work in the U. S. from Canada or Mex­ico on a daily or seasonal basis may keep their cards even while actually living outside the country. USCIS will grant you commuter status if, when you get a green card, you advise them of your intention to live in Canada […]

Mailing the visa Petition

After assembling the visa petition, your U. S. employer must mail it to the USCIS regional service center having jurisdiction over the employer’s place of business. If you’ll be coming from outside the U. S., your employer must send duplicate versions of the form (two signed origi­nals; copies are not acceptable). USCIS regional service centers […]

The Temporary labor certification Decision

After your employer has sent the tem­porary labor certification application to the SWA, the forms and documents will be initially reviewed, then eventually forwarded to the national processing center of the DoL for a decision. If the paperwork has been carefully prepared, the temporary labor certification should be approved on the first try. sometimes, papers […]

Bringing Your relatives

When you qualify for an L-1 visa, your spouse and unmarried children under age 21 can get L-2 visas by providing proof of their family relationship to you. L-2 visas authorize your accompanying relatives to stay with you in the U. S., but only your spouse will be permitted to work there. To take advantage […]