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You Can Be Deported for Not Telling USCIS. You’ve changed Your address

In 2002, the Immigration and Natural­ization Service (INS, now called USCIS) shocked immigrants and their advocates by starting to enforce little-known provi­sions of the immigration law that make it a crime for immigrants not to submit immediate notifications whenever they change their address. The potential pun­ishments include fines, imprisonment, or deportation. While the immigration au­thorities […]

Step one: Temporary Labor certification

The process for getting an extension of the temporary labor certification is identi­cal in every respect with the one used to obtain the original temporary labor certi­fication. See Section D, above. 1. Step Two: Extension Petition Extension procedures are nearly identical to the procedures followed in getting the initial visa petition approval. Fully docu­ment your […]

Blanket L-1 Extensions

This section briefly describes how a com­pany can apply for an extension of its blanket L-1 status. (This is not an expla­nation of how an individual may extend his or her own L-1 visa if the person arrived in the u. s. under a company’s blanket L-1 visa. Extensions for individu­als who obtained visas under […]