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Timed Reading

DIRECTIONS: Read the following point of view and answer the questions in five minutes. I am from Thailand. I am a student in an American university. This is my third year in the United States. After three years, it is difficult to remember my first impressions of the United States. But I noticed then and […]

Look Back

A. Vocabulary DIRECTIONS: Circle the letter of the choice that best completes each sentence. 1. I think that business is the best_____ to get into. a. lifestyle b. profession с thought 2. My friend teaches in elementary school because she enjoys____ with children. a. involvement b. production с impressions 3. I am interested in this […]

A Country of Immigrants

section 1 A First Look A. Background Building 1. Ask your classmates questions about the illustration on the preceding page. 2. If you put cheese, milk and butter into a pot and cook it, what hap­pens to these ingredients? Is the mixture smooth or lumpy? 3. The title of this chapter is "A Country of […]

Cities in America

section 1 A First Look A. Background Building 1. Where do you come from? From a city? From the suburbs (just outside the city) or from the country (far from a city)?__________________________________ 2. This chapter is about cities in America, but cities everywhere are similar. Write some impressions you have when you think about cities. […]

Food in America

  section 1 A First Look A. Background Building DIRECTIONS: Wherever you come from, food is an important part of life. Think about your day yesterday and think about what you ate. An­swer the following questions. Discuss them with your class­mates. 1. Did you eat breakfast? Yes No Alone? With family? With friends? 2. If […]