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Look Again

Look at the corrected answers for the vocabulary exercise (exercise D) in section 1. Use the similar words to understand the meanings and to answer this vocabulary exercise. If the words in the following exercise are not in exercise D, look for them in the reading in order to understand their meanings. Do not use […]


Abraham and Mackey have integrated research on effective reading and vocabulary development in writing the second edition of CONTACT USA: READING AND VOCABULARY TEXTBOOK. The topics, presented with an intriguing view of contemporary U. S. culture, are intended to generate lively discussions in which students can apply their knowledge and express their opinions about both […]

Timed Reading

DIRECTIONS: Read the following point of view and answer the questions in five minutes. I am from Thailand. I am a student in an American university. This is my third year in the United States. After three years, it is difficult to remember my first impressions of the United States. But I noticed then and […]

Look Back

A. Vocabulary DIRECTIONS: Circle the letter of the choice that best completes each sentence. 1. I think that business is the best_____ to get into. a. lifestyle b. profession с thought 2. My friend teaches in elementary school because she enjoys____ with children. a. involvement b. production с impressions 3. I am interested in this […]